About Me

Hi, I’m Dana.

I’m a professional organizer in San Francisco.

I am also the mother of two boys, Matteo & Nikai, wife to Olivier.

I see the home as a sacred space; a place of supporting ourselves, and the ones we love.

I love my work as a professional organizer. I have the privilege of helping people identify how they are living, how they they want to live and developing a plan to move towards the life they yearn for.

Life gets messy.

And it can become overwhelming.

Many of us are surrounded by clutter; within the home, the car, the office. Even our inboxes and calendars are packed with items demanding our time & attention.

Why do so many of us have so much on our plates?

Is constant overwhelm the only way? I used to think it was, and it was just how life had to be —fast, busy, crazy, cluttered.. I didn’t think it could change unless I sacrificed some part of myself. To be honest, I saw the busy as a badge of honor.

We think that if we can just find balance.. then we can fit it all in. Or when we get to a certain level of achievement then we can slow down and get a handle on things..

The truth is, we can’t be everything to everyone. We are all juggling, but we do have the ability to put down some of the pieces.

To do this we must consider our goals and establish our primary purpose. We must get clear on the difference between that which is essential, and moving us towards our purpose, and that which is excess.

Then we must be brave and LET THE EXCESS GO.

In that letting go we are trusting that the universe will supply.. and it will.

I will help you learn to live with clarity and intention so that your home supports you, your purpose and the ones you love.

What would your life look like if:

  • home was a place clear of clutter and excess?
  • you had time to create, celebrate, and connect?
  • slow living became an option in this fast world?

We can fulfill our roles as mothers, wives, business owners and creators, while taking care of ourselves. I am here to shine a light on the pathway.

Here begins the journey.

Here you will find:  Encouragement, Inspiration & Simplification

  • Tools to simplify daily life
  • How to sift away the excess
  • Finding a clear path of purpose
  • Inspiration, creative outlets & practices in self love

You can find peace in your own home and transform your life, it starts now.